Right out of “Tricky Dick” Nixon’s playbook.

The Donald is taking his bombastic campaign rhetoric right out of Richard “Tricky Dick” Nixon’s 1968 playbook. As one person said about Nixon, he has “the fastest, loosest tongue in the nation.” No doubt, the same is even more true of The Donald.

He says anything he thinks will fool the American people. His claim that we have “turned the corner on COVID-19” is just his latest way of saying he thinks Americans are stupid. When the United States is having the greatest number of COVID-19 cases ever, he thinks you are too stupid not to believe him. Well… I say you are not that stupid.

One of the classic ways The Donald is trying to dupe you is to say he is the anti-crime guy as if someone else would be for crime. This, too, is right out of Nixon’s playbook. Nixon accused his opponent by saying, “[he] defends the policies under which we have seen crime rising ten times as fast as the population. If you want your President to continue the do-nothing policy toward crime, vote for Humphrey. If you want to fight crime, vote for Nixon.”

Like Nixon, The Donald ignores facts. Indeed, I submit to you that The Donald is more unscrupulous than Nixon. The Donald believes he is above the law. That not only goes for when he is in office but for his entire life. The Donald has cheated on his taxes, lied about his foreign bank accounts, and deceived the American people about every aspect of his life from his extra-marital affairs (Stormy Daniels) to being a draft-dodger with phony “bone spurs” that kept him out of the military.

The Donald has produced absolutely no evidence he ever had bone spurs when he was of draft age.

At every turn, claims made by The Donald are proven to be false. Fact-checkers can’t keep up with all the mistruths he spews out.

His claim that the election is somehow rigged if he doesn’t win was recently debunked. Four former homeland security secretaries, two Republicans, and two Democrats, categorically stated that widespread election fraud isn’t going to happen. All agreed The Donald’s claims of fraud is a “myth.” (Two of the secretaries were from the George W Bush administration and the other two were from the Barack Obama administration.)

In an interview on the Today Show, Michael Chertoff, Republican from the Bush administration, went on to say:

“When I hear what Trump says, I feel like I’m listening to a Banana Republic Dictator who is talking about locking up his opponents, or claiming that elections are rigged. Those are not consistent with American values and with constitutional values. And I hate to say it, but there are powers who are gleeful at seeing how we have some domestic actors like Donald Trump working to undermine the unity of effort which is directly out of the playbook of Vladimir Putin.”

(NBC Today Show, Oct 29, 2020)

Indeed, these are damning words coming from Secretary Michael Chertoff, Republican secretary under George W Bush.

Like Nixon, The Donald will do anything to get re-elected. Would he invite foreign governments to help him? Well Duh… he’s already done that. Would he lie about what he knew and still knows about the Corona Virus? Well Duh… he’s already done that. Would he lie about his opponent’s son even when the lie has already been proven false? Well Duh… he’s already done that. Would he commit criminal acts as Nixon did? Well Duh.

Haven’t you had enough of this lyin’ blow-hard gameshow host as President of the United States?

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